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Pokemon 3D Lamps

Welcome to our collection of Pokemon 3D lamps. These lamps can make for a great addition to your desk or shelf, a charming night light, or the perfect gift for any Pokemon fan (such as yourself?) or alike.

pokemon gengar 3d led lamp acrylic plateIn opening your Pokemon 3D lamp package, your first look will be at the designed lamp plate. The acrylic plate is laser engraved and shaped with the Pokemon design of your choosing, and then polished for the finishing touch. Great care and time is required in the 3D plate design process, as one small mistake can throw off the entire illusion once your Pokemon 3D lamp is powered on.

Next we arrive at the LED Light Base - the powerhouse of your Pokemon 3D lamp. It has a touch switch which powers it on/ off and comes equipped with 7 different colors for your choosing. The base itself glows birghtly once turned on, making the Pokemon 3D lamp experience even more immersive and visually capturing.

pokemon gengar 3d led lampWith everything together, your Pokemon 3D lamp truly comes alive! It creates a magical 3D stereoscopic visual illumination, that will leave you in awe every time. The fine engraved detail, smooth highlights, bright colors and the tapered glow of the base as come together and create a true sight to behold. Browse our wide collection of Pokemon 3D lamps and find your favorite Pokemon design today!

 All Pokemon 3D lamps at TheKantoCenter.com are sure to warm your heart and inspire a smile; So grab yours today and light up the room in style!