2020 Shipping Delays

From the start of the new year there has been many ongoing periods of delayed shipping and delivery. Periods such as:

Christmas/ New Years Influx | Jan 01 - 10
Chinese New Years Celebrations | Jan 20 - Feb 05
Coronavirus Outbreak | Feb 01 - ongoing


coronavirus shipping and delivery


  • It is NOT possible for you to be infected via received packages. Read more here.
  • Packages are being shipped in a timely manner as usual. Delays are mostly subject to how your local Post operates during this time.


Mar 18

Operations are back normal for the most part and packages are being shipped out in a timely manner. At this time many countries have developed quarantine procedures which may affect delivery time depending on how your local Postal service is handling the situation.

Mar 05

More and more packages are being shipped out as carriers and airlines become available once again. New orders may experience a small delay in shipping.

Feb 26

Carriers and airlines have started to resume work as well as packages are being collected and cargo is being on-boarded. We estimate items to be shipped by the end of this week/ start of next week (around March 01).

Feb 23

Businesses are gradually being allowed to resume normal operations. Here at The Kanto Center, we've begun dispatching packages out for shipment once again for about 3 days now (since Feb 20). Please note that while packages are being sent out, there may still be a delay on the carriers and logistics end as they have a huge backlog of pending stock to deliver.

Feb 12

More about the Coronavirus and limited operations

As China is now at a critical point in the fight against the coronavirus, our government has restricted the migration of the population to gain control in the spread of the outbreak. With the quarantine of cities and workers, basically many businesses and services are severely limited in operations. This includes warehouses, customs, and shipping operations nationwide.

The government expects that the coronavirus will be effectively under control by Feb 25, which by then businesses will be given the green-light to gradually resume operations. But bare in mind this date (Feb 25) is not 100% confirmed as the virus is unpredictable.

How this affects the delivery of your order

As a result of all the restrictions and closing of business, your orders will of course experience a delay in shipment and delivery. While we at The Kanto Center are able to process your orders, we still rely on the currently restricted customs and shipping carriers to ship out your packages. Your packages will be monitored and secured during this time, and once allowed to, your packages will be shipped out immediately.

Please also understand that your package is safe and in no way threatened by the outbreak. Due to the nature of the virus, even if somehow the package came in contact with the virus, it is not possible for you to be infected. You can read more here.

Closing notes

While of course this situation was very unexpected and not in our control, we at The Kanto Center sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope you can be understanding. We wish you good health and safety during this time, and also for ourselves 🙏.

Wishing you all the best,

The Kanto Center Family.

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