All About Us

How It All Started

It started as nothing more than 2 childhood best friends who's love of Pokemon and Anime always led us in Japan for the various conventions and festivals like Comiket and AnimeJapan. 

With each trip we realized that there was a HUGE local market of rare Pokemon toys, figures, gadgets and other awesome third-party Pokemon products that we just couldn't find easily at home. All made by talented toy studios, merchants and other vendors in Yokohama and other cities ♥.

Every time we'd return back home, friends and fellow otakus would beg for, and then literally, buy us out our own Pokemon collection dry 😆.

It was then we realized how many others we like us, but they just couldn't travel half way across the world to Japan... so we brought Pokemon-Japan to them. And so birthed The Kanto Center! 🥳

Where Are We Now?

Since then The Kanto Center has grown from a 2-man operation into a full fledged team, with fulfillment facilities in Japan, China and the US. We work directly with toy studios and other merchants to bring you some of the coolest, wackiest and fun Pokemon products from the world of Japan and China!

And with all that being said... 
Welcome to the Kanto Center Family!

The Kanto Center